Wilderness adventure is an outdoor camping and back packing activity. Wilderness awareness camps are very beneficial especially to teenagers. If you are a parent and willing to send your teen on a wilderness adventure, then you are making the right decision. You however have to research more about wilderness adventure safety measures, the instructor’s certifications and also find out if the weather conditions are favorable for that period. These will help ensure you are well set for the activities without much uncertainties.

The following are the basic reasons why you should take on wilderness adventures:

-Practical Knowledge acquisition

On wilderness adventure, you are able to interact with people from all walks of life from different parts of the country or the world. It thus helps you learn other people cultures and help build relationships with one another.

This also give you the chance to learn more about the environment and importance of its conservation, cook, clean, put up shelters and more You end up acquiring so much knowledge from this as you are able to explore the world and everything it entails.

-Outdoor skills

There are several challenging experiences when on the wilderness adventures. This gives you an opportunity to acquire outdoor skills such as first aid, and other challenging but fun activities.

-Keeping physically fit Most of the people today spend a lot of time in front of a computer, a TV or just staying around. This outdoor activity gives you an opportunity to do more Activities such as rock climbing, kayaking for instance help you keep fit.

-Helps boost self confidence Wilderness adventure includes personal decision making instances at several occasions. The decision making skills learnt and the challenges faced during that period can help you at one point of your life. This helps in boosting your self-esteem and confidence as you know you have the capability of being responsible.

-Helps discover talents It offers an opportunity to discover what you are good at. You may find yourself good at kayaking than anyone else or a very superb mountain biker and such

-Relaxation Wilderness adventure lets you have some peace of mind away from all the urban noise, polluted air and lets you relax and calm down.

-Leadership skills When on the adventures, you are able to know how to interact with a larger group of people and how to manage them. This gives a good leadership skill.

-Communication skills Communication skills on wilderness adventures is not essential but it is key. This helps you better your communication skills.

Wilderness adventures offer a variety of meaningful and challenging activities such as biking, surfing, caving and a lot more life changing activities which can be life changing to you.


Buying the best family tent

The best family tent is one which allows your family to grow in it as they get older. When you buy a family tent it is an investment, so you need to be sure your family will not quickly find it too small or too uncomfortable.

 Key features to look out for in the best family tent include:

Separate rooms: Hhaving space for parents to sleep in a separate place to the children, and for the children to have their own areas when they are old enough to no longer share with each other. Storage: a room in the middle of the tent which you can use to both store your belongings while camping, but also to sit in, play games, read and so on during chilly evenings or rainy days.

Porch:  An area at the front for safe undercover cooking if it’s raining, for drying wetsuits after a day of surfing, for putting muddy boots without having to bring them into your living or sleeping space.

 Seams : All tents these days should be waterproof (though you may need to refresh the waterproofing with specialist spray periodically), and when you have a family it is important that the seams are strong and rip proof too. Even the best behaved children in the world will sometimes accidentally be careless and cause damage in weak points.

Height : It is important to find a tent that is high enough for you to stand up in. The best family tent will enable you to holiday in comfort for a few days at a time whatever the weather.

People go camping as a family for a number of reasons: to experience the great outdoors, to save money, to give their children a “back to nature” experience. When looking for the best family tent makes sure you consider all the different ways you will be using it. Will you be wild camping in which case weight is a consideration? Will you be staying in it for longer than five days so additional comfort features are important? When buying the best family tent it is also important to consider the logistics of taking it on holiday.

A tent which is the kind of size required will take up a lot of space in your vehicle. Make sure there’s enough space for all your other holiday packing, including the sometimes bulky cooking items, and of course there has to be space for your family too! Good luck finding the best family tent — there are a great many options and the best one for you will be a personal choice, taking into consideration all of the above points.